Travel Insurance Waiver

Triton Vacations highly recommends purchasing travel insurance, which is a vital part of your travel arrangements. Insurance protects you, your trip, and your travel investment.

Travel suppliers, airline carriers, or travel agencies DO NOT compensate any of your unforeseen expenses in the event of cancellation or failure to make your trip (missed flights, cruises, etc.), lost baggage, loss of health, death and/or accidents or emergency evacuation due to illness, natural disasters or acts of terrorism.

It is strongly recommended that you consider purchasing a travel insurance policy for the duration of your journey. We can provide you with brochures, a quote, and make the necessary arrangements for coverage. For more technical questions and policy explanations, we will refer you to a representative at the travel insurance company issuing you the quote.

Should you decide not to purchase travel insurance, you must sign a travel insurance waiver and assume sole financial liability for all direct and indirect consequences and costs resulting from events occurring before or during the trip.

Purchased travel services from a travel agency do not automatically contain insurance at any time as part of the service or the price if it is not clearly stated that such insurance is included in the price.

The client does not have the right to demand compensation from the travel agency or its agents for any unforeseen expenses incurred as a direct result of cancellation or failure to make your trip, lost baggage, loss of health, death/dismemberment, accidents and/or emergency evacuation due to natural disasters, political unrest or acts of terrorism, if the travel agency is not the direct and immediate cause and reason for these expenses. This is also valid if the travel agency did not separately offer to you the possibility to purchase insurance for other services bought and did not clarify the possible consequences of not having such insurance.


Travel Insurance Waiver

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